Artwork: ‘Love Doha Colors’

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A note from Charlene Kasdorf:
Instagram: charlene_kasdorf

“When I moved to Doha in 2012, I read an opinion piece in a magazine that deduced Doha’s skyline colour to two hues; sand-beige and boring-beige. That sat with me. I would now say that I didn’t fully see colour until Doha’s intense dessert light heightened my sensitivity to the subtlest of contrasts.

The opening of the exhibition culminates conversations on the topic of colours from people in various disciplines and backgrounds, including a poet working as a guard, musical compositions, and live painting by friends I’ve made via community classes at VCU Qatar.

The event is driven by a desire to share the concept with a broad audience –– especially those who have said, “I know nothing about art!”  –– Charlene


colours_website_6am          Below: s o l d


colours_website_National          Below: s o l d 


colours_RA_at_Al_Jazeera_I       Below: s o l dAl Jazeera_Icolours_RA_at_Al_Jazeera_II       Below: s o l dAl_Jazeera_IIcolours_website_blockade            Below: s o l d


Materials & Process:

Archival, quality materials were utilised at every stage. The materials are intended to reflect the value of the work, which encapsulate this specific time and place in Doha.

  • Gouache Paint: Winsor & Newton
  • Paper: Arches Watercolor 300 g/m2
  • Framing: Completed at Studio Qatar
  • Frames: Wooden, from Italy or Spain
  • Glass: CLARYL; museum-quality; UV protective, light-weight, and non-reflective
  • Matting: Acid free
  • “Floating Mat”: enables the edge of the hand-torn Arches paper to be seen
  • If all this means nothing to you, know that it will last an incredibly long time.

Prices range from 1450 QAR to 1600 QAR (Framed pieces are approx. 45 x 35 cm)




10 Colour Cards / Postcards with envelopes (50 QAR)


A hue can appear “warmer” or “cooler” depending on the colour it is in relation to. The colour swatches above were created from a colour study of my “white” bedroom, and configured in various colour combinations from the 200+ hand-painted acrylic swatches.

colours_Pink_CarBelow: s o l dPink_Car



colours_100_Days_of_Unity                Below: s o l d100_days_unity

colours_BusesBusescolours_After_the_Rain                Below: s o l dAfter_the_Rain_super1

colours_Sunset_on_the_CompoundBelow: s o l dCharlene_Sunset

Turkish Coffee at Souq Waqif, 2017