School Visits

Charlene has led workshops at multiple schools in Qatar since 2013. Sessions invite dynamic, colourful, and collaborative creating, with an underlying purpose to build visual literacy, in children and adults. Charlene has worked with children as young as 3, through to elementary, middle and high school, as well as in specific sessions for adults and teachers.

Feature Book:

Sirenia: A Little Dugong’s Tale

Sirenia, a little dugong, gets entangled in the problem of marine pollution! The book includes regional sea life and learning point about dugongs. The illustrations are created with collage and digitally composed. The process draws from the work and thinking of children and students as well as memories and experiences in Qatar.

Session lengths and topics can vary
depending on the age group.
• See session structures below.

Written by Shaikha Al Zeyara
Illustrated by Charlene Kasdorf
Published by Qatar Museums Publishing
Half Day
  • 2 to 3 sessions
Full Day
  • 4 to 6 sessions
  • Large groups
    (Several classes together)
    • Sharing the story & creative process (Slideshow)
    • Engaging students during the talk

    Small groups
    (max. 24/class)
  • • Sharing the story & creative process
  • • Hands-on artistic activity

Teacher Workshops

Reinvigorate drawing, seeing, and thinking!

Exercise divergent thinking and objective observation. The practices that are experienced in the session are an immediate take-away to integrated into each teacher’s classroom culture.
Sessions can be in the form of a talk and/or hands-on. 

* Teacher-specific sessions can be added to half-day or full-day visits.

Community Classes & Experience 

Charlene has taught community classes at Virginia Commonwealth University – Qatar since 2013.
Listed below is the range of adult and children’s classes she has taught in the past.

AdultsSpontaneous Inks, Watercolour & Charcoal
• Digital Illustration
• Illustrated Ideas
• Illustrate Your Children’s Story
• Character Illustration
• Imagine Your Picture Book Character
• ‘Love Doha Colours” and colour theory
Educators & Adults
who work with Children
Creative Development for Adults working with Children
• ‘I Can’t Even Draw a Stickman’
Sound and Illustrated Characters, in Motion!
• Explorative Stop-motion animation
Art, plus Math & Science––of course! (Co-taught)
• Illustrated Ideas
• Expressive Drawing & Painting

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