“Doha Roundabout”

Traffic is everyday Doha…though the roundabouts are disappearing.

Doha’s roads host an international culture of their own. To drive is to observe and learn––fast. Lean into the road culture far enough and you might––dare I say…like it. That includes D-ring and the roundabouts that stem from it. If you need an additional perspective, this print combats road anxiety.

Find the corresponding icons to the numbers:
1 Jeep, 2 Sports Cars, 
After the last number, 26 SUVs, you should––theoretically––be ready to head out into Doha traffic. 

* Caution: This technique has not been supported by research. 



“The Lateen Sail of a Dhow boat”; combining the past, present, and future icons of Qatar.
Posted by:Charlene Kasdorf