School Visits

Charlene (“Ms. Colours”) has led workshops at multiple schools in Qatar since 2013. Sessions are dynamic and colourful, with an underlying purpose of building visual literacy, in children and adults.

Visits can be in the form of:
• Illustrator Visit (Lower Elementary, Middle or High school, and Faculty)
• Workshop to enhance IB or AP curriculum
• Artist in Residence

* Current Feature Book *
The picture book, “Sirenia, A Little Dugong’s Tale”
(Written by Shaikha Al Zeyara and published by QM for The National Museum of Qatar)

The book features the dugong and regional sea life with a call to action about plastic pollution and environmental issues. She shares her colourful illustrations through story-telling and illustration activities with children and adults. 

  • 1 hour sessions = nursery and elementary classes
  • 1 to 1.5 hour or longer for middle school, high school, and adults sessions



Teacher-specific Workshops

Charlene has a specific interest in sharing artistic approaches with teachers via hands-on artistic activities or a group presentation. She brings her expertise in illustration and art to educators to support their creative effort in their own classrooms. 



VCU-Q Community Classes 

Charlene has taught community classes at VCUQ since 2013. She couples accessible drawing and painting processes with concepts in art education. Listed below is the range of adult and children’s classes she has taught in the past.

• Spontaneous Inks, Watercolour & Charcoal
• Digital Illustration
• Illustrated Ideas
• Illustrate Your Children’s Story
• Imagine Your Picture Book Character

For Adults and Educators:
• Creative Development for Adults working with Children
• ‘I Can’t Even Draw a Stickman’

• Art, plus Math & Science––of course! (Ages 7-9, Taught with Keith Reimer)
• Illustrated Ideas (Ages 6-9)
• Expressive Drawing & Painting (Ages 6-9)
• Illustration (High school)

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