Collaborating with and Archiving Children’s Visual Exploration.

Artwork that is unique to a child’s personality is worth preserving and “encapsulating.” These are pieces that are imagined out of a moment in time.

Some of the work is developed into more significant collaborative artworks with permanence…artwork that encapsulates children’s otherwise fleeting visual story. The images below document some of the projects.

“And, lest we forget, kids are made of sterner stuff than we tend to give them credit for.” (Little Big Books, Gestalten, 2011)

“Knights Against Knights” 2017-2018
Ink, Gouache, Watercolour, and Glaze, on Arches Paper



“The Lightening Guys” Chapter Book by Otto

“The Lightening Guys: Attack of Their Enemies” by Otto


Strong Bullet

Strong Bullet
Three pages of A4 paper were cut into little pieces, because “I like the way that the vacuum sucks them up.” The character above was the last one standing.
(The 7-year-old artist notes that there are three pieces of every shape.)

I wunt to fit pirets [I want to fight Pirates)


“Lightening Guys fighting General Rot Exit”

“The Lightening Book Guys and General Rot Exit” (Their lines, my colour.)

Collecting Potential Beginnings

“Sword-Fighting” (Their sword-fighting characters and lines, my paper-cut white star.)

“The Evil Birthday”

We begin with tracing paper to activate divergent drawing and ideas.
Any additional layers that I add acts only to emphasise the child’s initial marks.
“The Evil Birthday”

Children value the final piece; they study it; they realize themselves as the initial creator of the first marks. In turn, they place significance on their own thoughts and ideas.

* Digital videos and stop-motion animations can viewed on the Instagram page.

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