Archival and quality materials were utilised at every stage of the framed paintings below (shown without the frames). The materials reflect the value of the work and ideas, which encapsulate this specific time and place in Doha.


  • Gouache Paint: Winsor & Newton
  • Paper: Arches Watercolor 300 g/m2
  • Framing: Completed at Studio Qatar
  • Frames: Wooden, from Italy & Spain
  • Glass: CLARYL; museum-quality; UV protective, light-weight, and non-reflective
  • Matting: Acid free
  • “Floating Mat”: enables the edge of the hand-torn Arches paper to be seen
  • If all this means nothing to you, know that it will last an incredibly long time.

Framed pieces are approx. 45 x 35 cm

colours_RA_at_Al_Jazeera_INot availableAl Jazeera_I

colours_RA_at_Al_Jazeera_II Not availableAl_Jazeera_II

colours_website_BusesBelow: Please email to inquireBuses

colours_Fog_at_The_PearlBelow: Please email to inquireFog_at_The_Pearl

colours_website_windNot availableWind_white

10 Colour Cards / Postcards with envelopes


The Old Man and his Donkey  Not available
Books are still available at Sheikh Faisal Museum in Qatar and on-line at

This fable-like story is set in the desert mountains and features two friends: Abu and his trusted donkey.




The Blue Jackal  Not available
and other tales from Islamic Lands

In collaboration with the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA)
Told by Francis Gillespie

This first print run includes the MIA’s images of artefacts in the back of the book.




Kasdorf crab.jpg

Doha Roundabout
(Framed and unframed) Please email to inquire

Concept: When the viewer finds all the corresponding icons to the numbers listed, he or she is ready to face Doha’s traffic!